Havre de Grace Housing Authority

About Havre de Grace Housing Authority

Great Families, Great Communities

The Havre de Grace Housing Authority (HDGHA) at Somerset Manor was established in the 1970s to provide affordable housing for low to moderate income families in Harford County, Maryland. The HDGHA is the only public housing facility in Harford County, with 50 single family townhomes and 10 one bedroom single level homes.Since our inception we have served nearly 1,500 families.
More Than Just a Place to Live.
With a range of programs specifically for low income, homeless, disabled, children and elderly persons such as Family Self- Sufficiency Program (FSS), Homeownership Program and Housing Opportunities for Person with Disabilities, from the day residents move in we start them on the path to moving on towards self-sufficiency and a brighter future.

A Beacon of Hope

As the lighthouse beacon in our logo reflects, it is our mission to serve as a guiding light for families on the path to a new and financially independent life. By doing so, we further strengthen the fabric of the local community and work to make Harford County the best county to live in the state.

What We Do

  • Provide safe, affordable, accessible housing to those in need
  • Help families achieve financial independence by earning degrees, getting out of debt, finding well-paying jobs and purchasing homes
  • Provide case management services, encouragement, motivation and moral support to achieve goals
  • Offer needed services and support through partnerships with community organizations and groups
  • Support those willing and determined to change their lives for the better

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading public housing authority by providing and developing quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency, empowerment and neighborhood revitalization.

The Havre de Grace Housing Authority seeks to be a recognized leader in leveraging our resources to create affordable housing programs and opportunities that contribute positively to the community.

The Board of Commissioners and staff of the Havre de Grace Housing Authority maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, service delivery, mutual trust, and enthusiasm.

How We Impact the Community

  • Additional dollars in economic benefits
  • Increased adjacent property values
  • Decrease in crime compared to the larger region
  • Youth focused on educational attainment and healthy lifestyles
  • Adults building job skills to obtain a living wage
  • Independent living opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities
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